TerraMacs Micro Tunnelling Machine Range
Micro Tunneller 400
Micro Tunnelling 400 KN Rig Assembly Drawing with Directional Drill Breakout Clamps Fitted & Caisson End Jack Frame
Micro Tunneller 1041
Micro Tunnelling 1041 KN Rig Assembly Drawing with Directional Drill Breakout Clamps Fitted

TerraMacs Micro Tunnelling machines are generally custom manufactured to exact customer specifications. To provide some guidance the drawings and specifications herein show two of our standard base models which are modified to suit customer requirements. Please discuss your exact requirements with your local distributor or contact TerraMacs direct.

Product Features:

Can be configured to operate in a number of modes or a combination of modes including twin skinned laser guided pilot boring, pipe jacking, pipe cracking or bursting, augering or straight forward conventional directional drilling with steerable rods.

Thrust/Pullback options of 400 KN or 1041 KN with options to customise as required delivered by two of TerraMacs' unique balanced hydraulic rams.

Rams provide fast travel when rotate not in use to improve operating efficiency/speed.

Torque of 4,068 Nm on 400Kn machine and 13,560 Nm on 1041 Kn machine.

Two speed rotation on 400KN machine (100 & 200rpm) & three speed on 1041 KN machine (100, 150 & 200rpm) to cater for various operating modes and sizes.

Optional Hydraulic Breakout Clamps which slide back on body to allow services to be towed in over machine body or which can be readily removed to allow machine operation in Pipe Jacking or Augering modes.

Machine Jacking frame can be supplied curved to suit installation in a Caisson Shaft or square for conventional pit bracing.

A Look In More Depth:

In keeping with all TerraMacs products, the Micro Tunnellers are designed to provide maxium versatility and choice of operating mode. Machines can be geared and configured on supply to suit specific requirements or modes or they can be supplied with a range of speeds and ancillary equipment to 'futureproof' operational needs.

A full range of twin skinned rods, augers (open or cased, dependent on size) and directional rods are available to suit all machines, along with skid mounted power packs and fluid systems.

Dependent on operating mode 'walk over' or wireline directional sondes can be used or for high accuracy grade installtions laser guidance systems with full remote TV viewing or a simpler Theodolite Laser Pipe arrangement are available.


400 KN Rig 1041 KN Rig
Thrust & Pullback Newtons 400,000 1041,000
Pounds 89,923 234,000
Ram Fast Travel when not Rotating Metres per Second 3
Feet per Second 10
Torque & Spindle speed RPM Newton Metres 2,033 Nm at 200rpm & 4,068 Nm at 100rpm 5,100 Nm at 200 rpm, 8,510 Nm at 150 rpm & 13,558 Nm at 100 rpm
Pounds Feet 1,500 ft lbs at 200rpm & 3,000 ft lbs at 100rpm 3,763 ft lbs at 200rpm, 6,275 ft lbs at 150rpm & 10,000 ft lbs at 100rpm
Rig Dimensions mm 2,500mm long x 1,000mm wide or fits into 2,700mm Diameter Caisson 2,500mm long x 1,450mm wide or fits into 3,000mm Diameter Caisson
Inches 98" long x 39" wide or fits into 106" Diameter Caisson 98" long x 57" wide or fits into 118" Diameter Caisson
Ancillary & Optional Equipment
Hydraulic Power Pack Cummins 152HP Diesel Engine (or similar according to availablity) Skid Mounted John Deere 252HP Diesel Engine (or similar according to availability) Skid Mounted
Hosing Umbilical Hydraulic Hoses and De-Coiler Skid Mounted (Power Pack to Micro Tunneller) option.
Fluid Systems Fluid/Mud systems available to suit all operating modes