Modu-Lok Tooling System
Modu-Lok Exploded Assy
Modu-Lok Three Part Tooling Configuration
Modu-Lok Exploded Assy
Modu-Lok System Assembled

Modu-Lok Features:

Economic tooling system making cost of tooling changes and additional Pullback Reamers affordable.

Core body of system available in either Swivel or Fixed Body format.

Swivel Bodies available in 5, 10 and 15 Tonne ratings.

Three sets of high quality serviceable bearings used in swivels with grease nipples to maintain optimum performance.

Wide standard range of Pullback Reamer & Compactor Modules available for all ground conditions.

High strength ‘Dog Clutch’ drive between Body and all Modules delivering maximum torsional strength.

Plain Nut Module available.

Pullback Reamers and Compactors can be ‘Daisy Chained’ where staged hole expansion is required.

Water channels and jets fitted in all ‘Modu-Lok’ modules.

‘Terra-Lok’ Quick Release system eliminates hazards of spanners or wrenches when disconnecting tooling. Simply loosen Grub Screw with Allen Key and Split Collar relaxes tension in connection.

‘Terra-Lok’ available in male or female form to suit all thread types.

‘Terra-Lok’ fits all TerraMacs Sonde Housings.

Trapezoidal threads used on all Modu-Lok modules to ensure effective transmission of torque and also to enable quick disconnect

A Look In More Depth:

Modu-Lok Swivel with Plain Nut Mod-Lok Fixed Body Module
10 Tonne Modu-Lok Swivel Body with Plain Nut Module 5 Tonne Modu-Lok Fixed Body
Terra-Lok Quick Release Modules

The Modu-Lok System caters for just about any combination of tooling you care to name. Using the convenience of the Plain Nut Module, as a base, it is even possible to build your own custom cutters to suit the system. The following pictures give some insight to some of the combinations and modules available but if you don’t see what you want, contact your local distributor or talk to us and we are sure to be able to help. The system also caters for ‘Daisy Chaining’ cutters and compactors as required ensuring the minimal gap between the two modules.
Daisy Chain Modu-Lok Assembly Modu-Lok Compactor Assembly Modu-Lok Carbide Button Module
'Daisy chained' 10 Tonne Modu-Lok Swivel with 550mm Diameter Multi cutter & Fixed Body Modu-Lok with 350mm Diameter Compactor Cone leading Pullback 5 Tonne Modu-Lok Swivel with 150mm Diameter Compactor Module 5 Tonne Modu-Lok 180mm Diameter Carbide Button Pullback Reamer Module
Modu-Lok Vermeer Adaptor Modu-Lok Wing cutter Module Modu-Lok Pipe Cracker Module
30 Tonne Modu-Lok Tooling Package with Adaptor to Vermeer Splinelock 5 Tonne Modu-Lok 170mm Diameter Wing Cutter Module 15 Tonne Modu-Lok 300mm Diameter Pipe Cracker or Eater Module