Directional Drill Heads / Sonde Housings
Standard & Mini Sonde Housings Mini sonde Housing
Standard & Mini Size Sonde Housings Fitted with Toothed Steering Blades Mini Sonde Housing with Toothed Steering Blade
Mini Drill Head with Terralok Standard Size Drill Head
Mini Sonde Housing with Terra-Lok Quick Release Standard Size Sonde Housing Showing 3 Separate Modules
Carbide Grit Blades Standard Flat Paddle Steering Blade
Standard and Wide Carbide Grit Steering Blades Standard Flat Paddle Steering Blade

TerraMacs only manufactures end load Sonde Housings as we believe firmly that water reticulation through the head to maintain your drilling efficiency and cool the Sonde are paramount. By encapsulating your Sonde inside a Kevlar Sleeve we are able to cicrulate water all around the Sonde and ensure optimal flow rate right to the head itself.

Product Features:

Modular construction in keeping with TerraMacs philosophy giving the ability to economically replace any damaged parts.

Sonde or Transmitter enclosed inside a Kevlar tube ensuring maximum protection.

Water is supplied around entire periphery of sonde and does not relay on narrow water channels which can become blocked.

Water jets located under blade to provide maximum protection against clogging.

Range of Steering Blades available to suit all ground types.