Guide to Selection of TerraMacs Thrusters (Rod Pushers)
Note - The following table is offered as a comparative guide only and a means to readily identify the most likely Thruster to suit your needs. TerraMacs accepts no liability whatsoever where machines fail to perform to stated levels, as ground conditions, operator techniques, fluids, tooling and machine speeds are all highly variable and contribute to the effectivity and productivity of the thrusting operation. It may be possible to thrust larger diameters over shorter lengths or smaller diameters over longer lengths. We strongly recommend that you discuss your requirements with your distributor or contact TerraMacs before making a final machine selection.

Micro Mac Thrusters (Rod Pushers)
Thrust Newtons 65,389 97,861 133,447
Pounds 14,700 22,000 30,000
Pullback Newtons 48,930 71,172 88,965
Pounds 11,000 16,000 20,000
Soft/Medium Ground Conditions Max. Diameter mm 76 95 110
Inches 3 3.75 4.25
Max. Length Metres 20 20 20
Feet 66 66 66

Note - If the Thruster specification required is not shown above, TerraMacs offers a custom design and build service. including machines for Pipe Bursting. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Note - Micro Mac Thrusters can be used either way around, so maximum pullback equal to the thrust power can be achieved by simply turning the machine around in the pit.