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Welcome to TerraMacs
TerraMacs are recognised as New Zealand leaders in the design and manufacture of Trenchless or No Dig Equipment, including Horizontal Directional Drilling, Thrusting and Micro Tunnelling machines, along with a full range of Tooling and Accessories. TerraMacs is also recognised as a leading innovator in the field of trenchless equipment and its recent annoucement of the development of a range of Hybrid Horizontal Directional Drilling Machines is testament to this. TerraMacs offers a unique range of high quality products, which cater to the small to medium size end of the industry and provide the ultimate in simplicity, reliability and effectiveness, guaranteed to add value to your business. TerraMacs products are the result of years of design and development, while listening to its customers and the company continues to develop and test out ideas, fine tuning as it goes. It’s this approach, combined with the companies highly skilled and experienced staff and the ongoing commitment to improvement, that make TerraMacs a world class provider of all things Trenchless.

To ensure ongoing product quality and efficiency in its product and services, TerraMacs employs the latest manufacturing methodologies in its operations, including Lean Manufacturing.

As well as the standard range of products shown throughout this web site and our various brochures and promotional literature, TerraMacs routinely manufactures and customises products to meet its customers exact needs. Please contact either your local distributor or TerraMacs to discuss such requirements.